The most innovative PLC suppliers in the world, with double‐digit growth rates, known for specializing in products compatible with Siemens, and has developed into a manufacturer of complete and unique control solutions.
VIPA products have many advantages, including: all controllers (all series) are programmable using the STEP 7 software with full compatibility to Siemens controllers - exchange and integration of cards without changing the configuration with improved performance ‐ the fastest controller in the market for STEP 7, and all this for unbeatable prices.


The world’s leading company in industrial communications with an excellent reputation in all the organizations which determine the work standards in the industry.
Hirschmann products provide customized solutions for the industrial environment and critical systems for industries such as, food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, production, packaging, plastics, roads, railways, bridges, electricity, water and more.


The world’s leading company in manufacturing complete solutions for machinery control including PLCs, Servo systems, motors, monitors and industrial computers. The Automation Studio program enables work through the entire lifecycle of the project and serves as an integral tool for defining hardware, writing controller codes, servo settings, HMI, support and more. There is no longer a need to deal with communications and adjustments, therefore the programmers are fully dedicated to writing the code.


Tri‐Tronics manufactures and supplies high quality fiber optic photoelectric sensors for a wide range of industrial automation applications. Tri‐Tronics sensors are characterized by their high performance, and therefore having a significant advantage in control applications. The sensors can be used in multiple configurations (two‐sided, reflective, close proximity). The product line includes identifying high speed PRINT MARK, advanced color sensors, and more.

Zenon’s SCADA/HMI program by COPA‐DATA is able to reduce the time pressure in project developments by relying on intelligent software tasks and software which enables system engineers to solve even the most challenging tasks in a secure, fast and simple manner. The Zenon program is integrated in most of the markets leading manufacturers WinCE based screens.
Zenon can run on all the accepted platforms such as Windows 7, Windows XP, XP Embedded, WinCE, Web Server and more.

A leading company in solutions for PCS (Process Control System), process management and MIS/MES systems in compliance with S88 standards. Using advanced specification methods of Object‐Oriented and Parameterization enabling greater efficiency in the development and maintenance of the system. ProLeit products are installed in many industries such as brewery, dairy, powders, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, minerals and more, in many companies in Israel and worldwide

The leading company worldwide in communications of remote access machines. eWon products offer Internet secured industrial connectivity, smart routers and remote access to controllers and automation systems.

Manufacturer of VIPA components engaged in the development and production of advanced processors of controllers and communication boards.
Among the company’s products you can find VIPA’s Speed 7 processors and Profibus components alternative to Siemens.
Softing Industrial Automation

Softing Industrial Automation is a world leading provider of industrial communication products and process control technologies. The company has solutions in the fields of monitoring, testing, profibus connectivity, profinet, CAN bus and more.
The company also has unique solutions to connect various controllers and equipment for process control data collection. The company’s products are known to be easy to use and for their innovative solutions in the world of process control.

COMAU company is part of a "Fiat-Chrysler" corporation. COMAU manufactures and installs the whole production lines of the automobile plants of many manufacturers group and others.
COMAU producing series of industrial Robots with thousands of installations world wide includes in automotive industry. The wide range of robots allows accurate selection of the Robot to the mission. Robots programming performed on PC software including simulation software or with the operating panel that includes a touchscreen.