Process Engineering and Design

"C-vision group" in general & "C-vision advanced Technologies" in particular specialize in process engineering, adopting the right process solutions ( logic & equipment ) for the needs of our clients, focusing on the Food Process factories.

With the increasing complexity and demands of manufacturing processes, there is a growing need for advanced automation of processes in the industry and machinery. More and more production systems are required to meet the requirements of advanced manufacturing and this while maintaining close contact with the IT systems of the plant in order to receive work instructions, recipes, production orders and real‐time process reports, inventory and maintenance status.

We assist our customers by leveraging all the capabilities under one roof.

Engineering and design capabilities accompany the entire life cycle of a project starting from process planning and writing the FDS (Functional Description) through planning Distributed control systems (DCS), designing control cabinets, designing industrial communication networks, PLC and PC programing, FAT testing, until full integration of control systems and maintenance.

We plan and perform process control at plants, especially when the combination of control systems is required over a wide range of technologies, linking with IT systems or performing MES integrated control systems.